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A New Voice& Vision forLos Angeles

Congress is broken, and electing the same people again and again will not fix it. We need fresh new voices to work for real solutions to the issues faced by the electorate.

About David

Meet David, a dedicated advocate for campaign finance reform and a government that truly represents the people. From serving in the US Army to obtaining his Juris Doctorate, David's journey reflects his commitment to ensuring fundamental human rights for all. Join him in shaping a better future where every citizen's voice is heard and respected.

About David
Our Vision

Our Vision

Campaign Finance Reform

The campaign advocates for firing incumbents who don't back an amendment to eliminate money in politics at all levels, with David pledging to introduce a robust amendment within the first 100 days to eradicate corporate donations, big money donors, and Super PAC influence, aiming to put an end to the influx of money in the post-Citizens United political landscape.

A Blended Economy

To achieve a balanced economy and empower the working class, a comprehensive overhaul of the tax code is essential, incentivizing corporations to invest in their workforce and infrastructure. Like the Post-WWII era when the middle class thrived and corporate profits were directed towards workers rather than stock buybacks.

A Focus on Human Rights

David advocates for prioritizing basic human needs, including housing, nutrition, clean water, and comprehensive healthcare, redirecting taxpayer money to efficiently provide essential services without prioritizing corporate profits over the well-being of the people.

Humanistic Foreign Policy

Embracing a new foreign policy, we should prioritize the self-determination of all peoples, moving away from Cold War tactics and promoting global security through cooperation, economic growth, and the enforcement of international humanitarian law.

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